Looking Into the Souls of Children: The Hellinger Pedagogy in Action

“Looking Into the Souls of Children” is a profound demonstration of the later systemic family constellations by their pioneer, Bert Hellinger. This book tells many stories, all directly taken from life as it is: greater than we imagine it. They are stories about children who discover a hidden treasure in their soul, a treasure that brings peace to them and to their parents, and thus to all readers – themselves children to parents, parents to children. Bert Hellinger brings these treasures to sudden light while the children, their parents, and their teachers watch their “constellations” unfold. Some of what emerges is understood immediately, a treasure glistening in their hands. Other movements will take shape over time, treasures unearthed, facets yet to be polished. Each story stands on its own; each treasure lights a hidden depth. This book reveals an unfolding not just of the clients’ stories, but also of Hellinger’s body of work itself. His eye now trained on what he calls Mystic Consciousness, the vast outer layers beyond common awareness, he moves with clarity among life’s uncertainties. Introduction by Bert Hellinger: “This book tells you stories, true stories. We can read them as stories through which we can look into our soul, into our own child-soul, and into the souls of our children. We can even read these stories to our children, but only one at a time. Older children can read the stories by themselves and gain a kind of understanding of their own souls that brings them a sense of relief. Finally they can see a way out for themselves, and the same goes for us, for us personally and for our children. “How do we read this book? Perhaps in a way that liberates us, taking us beyond our fears and our concerns to discover whether we and our children are on the right path. “We look into our soul and we breathe a sigh of relief. Opening up to these stories, letting them take us along, what is the result? “We comprehend: all children are good, and the same is true of us, provided we look into our soul with love.”


Bert Hellinger


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