Living Transcendence: cognizing what will be

What is known is vast. What is unknown can only be glimpsed. And while many of us climb sand dunes trying to grasp some small aspect of the first, others of us attempt to negotiate the latter, usually trying to make it manageable by squeezing the unfathomable into the limitations of our understanding. The dilemma is that we are aware that there is more to life, to us, than all human-initiated study can tell, and at the same time, we sense that the mystery is unattainable, so that any attempt to unravel the riddle will inevitably prove futile. Living Transcendence accounts for what is known and what cannot be known and even for the ephemeral nature of the thoughts communicated within it. It is both rooted and free-flowing in its impressions of what it means to live in the expansiveness of life’s dynamic trajectories without retreating into the illusion of control. Bert Hellinger has always been a traveler who keeps copious track of the images along the way. His direction is set toward the endlessly unfolding. As readers, we pick up these notes to find a radical philosophy of all-encompassing love that addresses all of our deepest sorrows and most difficult challenges. The answers are not in the details but in the complete shift from narrow to broad, from individual isolation to the assumption of connectedness. To return to this natural state takes practice, but it first takes someone to remind us that we may have let it slip away. Bert Hellinger does that – and then he tells us what he has learned about being in accordance with rather than in opposition to this love. This state of empowered surrender is what we will come to know as living transcendence.


Bert Hellinger


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