Living Beyond Distraction – Kindle

What is Living Beyond Distraction?

Is now the time to stop being distracted from creating the future you truly desire?

Is now the time to be totally present and start living?

Is now the time to change the way you function and to discover an ease of being you’ve never imagined possible?

When you find yourself in a situation that you don’t seem to be able to change, you may be stuck in a distractor implant. A distractor implant is designed to be triggered by the events of your life and to create distractions that keep you from being all that you can truly be and having the life you would truly like to have. They’re the reason we believe we have no choice in anything.

This book provides information and effective tools that will enable you recognize the distractor implants and become free of them. Living beyond Distraction is based on a series of six telecalls with Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, and Dr. Dain Heer.

Here’s what participants are saying:

Being aware of the distractor implants has changed my reality and allowed me to have more energy than I knew was possible.

The magnitude of the change and expansion that has been occurring in my life is phenomenal – beyond words.

I am starting to recognize myself for the first time in my life ever.



Gary M. Douglas, Dain Heer