I Love Being Curious

A delightful children’s tale…
When you are curious, each day brings something new. This little boy starts each day asking, “What adventures and fun can I have today?” Perhaps he’ll go out to play, even though the sky is cloudy and grey. “Would it be fun to fly my kite?” He watches it dance on the wind and wonders what else is possible. He looks around and sees so much litter, which makes him sad, and he wonders what the world would be like if everyone chose to become more aware.

The little boy learns new things and finds fun and excitement in being curious. When we engage with our curiosity and questions, we open a space to create so much more joy, fun, and adventure into our lives. We are all born with this curiosity, but we tend to let it go as we get older.

This children’s tale seeks to empower children to embrace curiosity and questions, enabling them to have the awareness to create an adventurous life full of joy and peace.

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Margaret Braunack