Guided: Series Late Trilogy

Bert Hellinger makes his home in the territory beyond paradigmatic thinking, far beyond the comfort zone of division, separation, and exclusion. In this territory, no single psychological, political, religious, or academic view suffices as an effective navigation tool since any one of them demands that observations be shaped to fit its parameters. Thus, Guided is written with a free hand and a free mind, following the natural movements of life and love. This rich, multilayered material comes to us as “guidance” as it came to Bert Hellinger. In the Introduction, he describes: „Again and again, I was led towards something unknown, something new. … All of the enclosedwritings have a place in real time, in immediate life. They are all oriented toward action — and they lead to it.“ In accord with universal currents, Bert Hellinger’s profound sagacity reaches us through his words, which resonate deeply even without our knowing exactly why. In allowing the resonance, we allow revelation, and a thousand pathways reveal themselves. Guided, we can take actions that move us through the limitations of individual vulnerability and despair into the boundless expanse of the ever-unfolding. Guided, we no longer need take orders from the internal guardians of stagnation but can hear more clearly the messengers of all life’s inspiration. Guided, Bert Hellinger writes, so that guided, we may live well.


Bert Hellinger


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