Fulfilled: Series Late Trilogy

The second volume in his Late Trilogy series, Fulfilled brings us further into Bert Hellinger’s contemplations about the essence of life beyond surface notions of happiness and success, even beyond what we think of as this life. Building on the first book in this series Guided — indeed, expanding upon his entire body of work, and yet still journeying _ Hellinger gently weaves together his insights regarding the temporal and the eternal spheres. Each piece opens to a kind of intellectual-spiritual spaciousness that is at once satisfying and stimulating. These insights are in motion. But within these pages Bert Hellinger pauses, and we pause, as the insights, each one and together, point us in the direction of deep internal comfort while staying engaged with the external world. As always, Bert Hellinger comes to us as both teacher and perennial student. The present work was, in part, inspired by Peter Kingsley and his two books about the philosophy of Parmenides, a pre-Socratic philosopher. And the dedication of Fulfilled reads: To the Nagual about whom Carlos Castaneda speaks in his books, with love and gratitude. Much of the work also draws from conversations with this unusual figure that took place in Mexico recently. Thus, streams continue to feed streams – the waters ever refreshed and vibrant – the flow emanating from a distant, unseen source, and moving toward the other side of our knowing.


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