Fairytale Family

What is Fairytale Family?

Have you ever wished your family was a fairy tale?

Is your family perfect?

Do you wish your family could see you for who you are? Love you?

Do you wish your family could be a fairy tale?

If you woke up and could see what is truly possible, how much freedom would this allow you to have?

Fairytale Family invites you to the freedom beyond the fairytale and gives you tools to be you with your family.

Every fantasy is a conclusion that stands in the way of possibilities. You put the brakes on the creation of your life. You do have the choice—make your fantasies real, or ask, “What else is truly possible for me that is even greater?”

– Susanna Mittermaier


When family is no longer the source of worry and suffering, but the playground of possibilities, what future would that open up?


Don’t try to change your family. Don’t try to change yourself for your family. Be you and have fun. That is how you inspire them to change—but only if they choose it. Don’t expect them to be interested in you or listen to you. Just because you are your parents’ child does not mean they should listen to you.

– Susanna Mittermaier

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Susanna Mittermaier