Empowered Parents Empowering Kids

Do you find yourself struggling to parent the “right” way? Are you exhausted trying to be the good or perfect parent so you can have good and perfect kids? What if you don’t have to give up who you are in order to parent? What if the key to empowering your kids is discovering and being more of who you are? This is the guide book for the parenting journey that will give you tools to step into your authentic self and explore the impact you will have as you raise your children in today’s world.

Mary Dravis-Parrish coaches parents utilizing strategies to empower their current parenting skills, which in turn empowers kids. This creates a greater world for all of us. Applying her BE YOU parenting strategies, authentic trainings and tools of Access Consciousness®, Mary facilitates change in people’s lives, so they have more confidence, awareness, joy and fun in all areas of living. Mary’s experience as an educator, trainer, coach, speaker and Access Consciousness® facilitator add to the effectiveness of her work.

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Mary Dravis-Parrish