Conscious Leaders – Kindle

What is Conscious Leaders?

It’s about being outside the box.
Are you willing to be as different as you are in the world? What if this is the ‘strategic advantage’ you are seeking? What else would be possible if you would expand your capacity to be a conscious leader in your own life, in business and in the world?

Being a leader is not the same as acting as one and calling yourself a leader is not the same as being one. When you choose to become a conscious leader, you will move beyond the boundaries and limitations of ‘normal’ leadership practice.


All these incredible inspiring leaders, whether it’s Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi or Buckminster Fuller, all chose to create themselves as the source for creating a different world. They were willing to function at a bigger level than anybody else around them, which allowed them to create beyond the limitations of this reality. They were willing to be the leader and go where they were going, whether anybody else went along or not.

– Chutisa Bowman


Are you ready to open up to a new horizon and discover new and different possibilities?


This book is an invitation to a different possibility—the possibility of something you may never even have considered. This book is for people who are ready and open to the choice of new possibilities and to the question of what can get created that is greater than what you have ever been able to create before.

– Chutisa Bowman


Chutisa Bowman