Choosing Happiness

What is Choosing Happiness?

Rüdrani Devi explores the many reasons why we might not choose happiness and offers ten key tools, along with many others from the Access Consciousness® movement, that helped her navigate choosing a journey to happiness, sometimes against all odds.

She shares how her entire life had been about being positive, choosing joy over sadness, and being the proverbial half glass full gal; although deep down she knew somehow, it wasn’t authentic happiness. Using examples from her own life’s journey, Devi illustrates how these tools changed her awareness to what else was possible to create the authentic joy she truly desired in her life.

Although admittedly not always easy at first, Devi devises that these tool are so incredibly simple, that anyone using them can choose to create their life as the exuberant, joyful being they truly be.

You just have to be willing to choose it.


Of all the people on this planet, why should I speak on the topic of happiness? Well, maybe because when people learn about my story, most responses I get are that I should probably be one of the least happy people, considering all that has transpired in my life. And yet, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people I know. So, what’s my secret? Hold tight and I’ll get to that.

— Rüdrani Devi


I had survived the unsurvivable and had this intense desire to live my life to the fullest.

–Rüdrani Devi

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Rudrani Devi