Beyond The Stigma of Abuse

What if you could thrive beyond your wildest dreams? What if you didn’t have to have the stigma of being a “victim” even though you have been abused?

Have you ever had the following thoughts:

There’s no hope for me or my life…

I’ll never be happy or successful…

I’ll never be able to fully put this behind me…

I’m doomed to repeat the pattern of abuse…

If you can relate to any of the above, and are still searching for what else is possible beyond this, then this book just might be for you.

I’m sharing my story because I would like to be an inspiration to other people that have had abuse in their life – whether it is emotional, physical, psychological or sexual. What if you could create a totally different possibility of joy and ease for your life?


Come join me on this adventure of discovering the incredible, amazing you!

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Linda Wasil