Ask and Create Your Life

What is Ask and Create Your Life?

Is it possible to create the present and the future by asking questions??

Beate Nimsky, author of several books and acclaimed seminar facilitator, shows
with appealing clarity how this is possible, and how wishes can come true and
results can be attained by using open and transforming questions.

In her easy and light-hearted manner, she combines illustrative stories from her
life with the necessary background knowledge in an impressive 220 questions
covering the areas of self-determination, self empowerment, going beyond self
criticism, body, health, staying biologically young, money, sales, relationship,
difficulties,conclusions, control, creating creativity and life forms.

There are general questions everyone is familiar with. The questions laid out in
this book, however, are phrased in such as way as to awaken and activate your
inherent powers, hereto unacknowledged capacities and all related information

New questions, most probably never before asked, serve to broaden your horizon
in how you think, feel and act. These include questions for in the morning to contribute
to a successful day and questions for the night that assist in clearing and
providing a restful sleep.

A special clearing statement is explained and this helps you to let go of limiting
habits and thought patterns, so that life becomes more free, easy and happy!

“What else is possible?“

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Beate Nimsky