Arrived: Series Late Trilogy

The final title in the series Late Trilogy, Arrived completes the arc of this particular contemplation — Guided, Fulfilled, Arrived. It is the culmination, it is the beginning, it is a pause in the written reflections of Bert Hellinger. Philosopher, poet, and teacher across a thousand dimensions, here Hellinger shares further wisdom to help us in our everyday life, especially as it pours into the infinite expanse of all life. The communication is straightforward and warm, as though we are having tea with a friend. Yet after only a short time, we realize that this friend has something extraordinary to tell us. We listen. He speaks slowly so that there is space and time to absorb the words. We are anxious to know everything, but somehow we understand that we need to sit back to allow the insights to take root. In each of us, they will grow at their own pace. The bearer of vast wisdom and still always the student, Bert Hellinger is at peace; his deep intelligence shines forth easily. With Arrived, he lays down his pen for a while. This is an important discussion. It is a beautiful gift.


Bert Hellinger


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