Advanced Pragmatic Psychology

What is Advanced Pragmatic Psychology?
What is your point of view about your life and living?

Have you decided it is fun and joyful?

Or have you decided that is it hard?

With the amount of drama, trauma, upset and intrigue that exist in relationships, work, and finances many of us have taken the point of view that life is difficult to navigate and something to overcome. Would you like to be a part of a different possibility? A possibility in which you wake up every morning with the joy of being alive and create the life that you desire faster and with more ease than you can imagine.

Susanna Mittermaier, founder of Pragmatic Psychology and author of Pragmatic Psychology, Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy and Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness and author of multiple books all designed to empower you to know what is true for you and to create everything you desire in life, invite you in this book to go beyond every lie and limitation of life and living into the joyful adventure it can be.

Once you go to the question, everything becomes possible. It is the speed of space. It is the awareness of being. Yes, it is intense and uncomfortable, because awareness is not comfortable. Comfortable is the stupidity you use to make yourself feel fine about being screwed up.

What if ease, joy and glory were the new normal for you… if you choose.

Awareness is the ultimate source of total relaxation because you never have to question anything when you know. You never have to doubt yourself when you know. You never have to ask whether you are choosing right or wrong when you know. Full awareness and full knowing come with total relaxation.

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Gary M. Douglas, Susanna Mittermaier