A World of Choice a World of Freedom

What is A World of Choice, A World of Freedom?

A World of Choice, A World of Freedom is about recognizing that only by our choice do we create anything, and that every choice we make creates our reality.

So the question becomes: What do you wish to create?

Gary talks about how to become brilliant with money, how to choose what works for you, and how to acknowledge what you have chosen, without judgment, so you can expand your capacity for choice, and actualize the future you truly desire.

Begin to see what is actually possible for you.
Your choice is all it takes to create it.

Your choice can create anything.

Each individual comes in with the innate ability to choose— and nothing else. Every choice you make creates the way everything else shows up around you. You have to be willing to be that which chooses something nobody else can choose.

–Gary M. Douglas

Your life doesn’t have to be about limitation.
  It doesn’t have to be about creating the same old thing.

You need to choose in order to see what’s possible.
If you could choose anything, what would you choose?
Would you choose to be right?
Would you choose to be wrong?
Or would you choose to have total choice and infinite possibilities?

–Gary M. Douglas


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Gary M. Douglas